SSD Plextor PX-512M8PeG (Cool Headsink)



  • Up to 2500 MB/s Sequential Read
  • Up to 1400 MB/s Sequential Write
  • Up to 280K IOPS 4KB Random Read
  • Up to 240K IOPS 4KB Random Write
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Extreme eSports level performances

A complete upgrade for your professional e-sports experience, the M8Pe series supports the high-speed interface of the new generation PCIe Gen3 x4. Powered by the latest NVMe protocol, the M8Pe boasts of extreme performances up to 2500/1400 MB/s sequential read/write speeds, and up to 270000/150000 IOPS random read/write performance. Even with games that require heavy read/write operations and intense graphic processing, it delivers the smoothest gaming experience with its powerful infrastructure optimized for eSports.

eSports level quality design – high performance cooling fins with gamers in mind

Staying calm and cool during intense video games is highly important. The M8Pe’s professional cooling fins are impressively effective with its high-efficiency internal airflow design, dispelling the worry of high temperatures that can compromise system performance, therefore extending the service life of the SSD.

Plextor’s Superior Quality

All Plextor SSDs pass rigorous inspections with the most advanced SSD testing equipment in the world; not a single error or fault is allowed (Zero Error) in order to provide users with the highest level of quality and stability. Through professional simulation of actual read/write conditions, the M8Pe series, like all Plextor SSDs, offers MTBF of up to 2.4 million hours, significantly improving the reliability in long-term use and ensuring the security of valuable data.

  • 100% Burn-in / Aging Test
  • 48hrs Sustained Read and Write Test
  • 4000 Times Idle Test – Sleep and Hibernation Test
  • 250 Times Power Cycle – Cold and Warm Boot Test
  • 1008hrs of Zero-Error Testing
  • Mean Time Between Failures of 2.4 Million Hours

 Exclusive Technologies



TrueSpeed technology keeps long-term SSD performance at like-new speeds after periods of use and when the SSD is nearly full.



TrueProtect technology is a multi-layered error checking mechanism automatically executed by firmware. By employing the error-correcting capability of ECC, it can correct up to 128 bits of random errors; in conjunction with Plexor-exclusive real-time debugging mechanism and the self-testing capability of Flash, TrueProtect keeps data access error-free.

Feature Spotlight

Data Accuracy

Latest LDPC technology guarantees data accuracy & SSD reliability

Ultra Compact

Small form factor SSD particularly fits ultra-portable mobile applications

Gaming Style

Specifically designed to harmonize with professional gaming platforms

Advanced Endurance

Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 2.4 Million Hours

High Speed

Take hardware performance to the practical maximum speed of the interface

Lasting Performance

With TrueSpeed, SSDs remain like-new performance even after prolonged use

Shock & Vibration Proof

Capable of withstanding shock and vibration movements

Heat Resistant

Capable of withstanding high operating temperatures

Silent Operation

Running silently with no moving parts to eliminate distracting noise

Energy Efficient

SSDs use less power than hard drives, promoting a longer battery life

Data Integrity

128-bit ECCs and Robust Data Hold-out Algorithm are used to ensure data is stored and retrieved without error